Field Trips

The California Farmland Trust is proud to host Raley’s Field Trips on the Farm, where students get a hands-on learning opportunity.  With funding from Raley’s Family of Fine Stores, we are able to take several classrooms of fourth – sixth graders onto working farms each year.  Read more about the trips below, or scroll down to submit an inquiry if you’d like to take your class on a real field trip.

Raley’s Field Trips on the Farm – Ms. Herrera

Ag students from Liberty High School in Brentwood got an eye-opening look behind the scenes at Dwelley Farms.  From climbing into the cab of a tractor for the first time, to learning about the myriad technologies used in farming, to discovering agricultural career...

Raley’s Field Trips on the Farm – Ms. Torres

It was a beautiful Brentwood day at First Generation Farmers, where Ms. Torres’ fourth-graders got to enjoy a first hand farming experience.  From wiggly worms, to clucking chickens, to gluttonous goats, the students were immersed in the farming life –...

Raley’s Field Trips on the Farm – Mr. Dix

Mr. Dix’s fourth grade class had acres of fun learning about worms, composting, greenhouses, produce preparation, identifying fruit trees, and edible landscapes. They also got to feed chickens and play with the goats at First Generation Farmers. After the farm...

Raley’s Field Trip on the Farm – Ms. Griggs

Ms. Griggs’ fourth grade class had a fabulous time learning about composting, greenhouses, produce preparation, identifying fruit trees and of course – playing with chickens and goats at First Generation Farms.  Then they went off to Raley’s for a...

FIELD Trips!

CVFT and Raley’s take school kids from the farm to the food on their fork with Steamboat Acres

Kids to Farm

Putting the FIELD in Field Trip! What do you remember most about elementary school? Your desk? The playground? The math lessons? Or the field trips!?

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