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Denis Prosperi Farms, Inc.

The Denis Propseri Farms, Inc. Property is located in Madera County. This 78.48 acres consists of many different wine grape varietals and is located on prime farmland. This property was permanently protected by an Agricultural Conservation Easement in 2018!

BF Cochrane Farm

The BF Cochrane Farm is located just west of the City of Stockton in San Joaquin County. This beautiful 125+ acre property is comprised of row crops. Some including alfalfa, tomatoes, grain and corn. The BF Cochrane easement was permanently protected in 2017.

That sweet elixir made by bees…

Honey, honey, honey, honey….honeeeyyy! So how do bees make honey anyway? As honey bees fly around to flowers doing the work of pollinating (a side benefit of the bees’ nectar collecting activities) they drink up the sweet nectar of all the flowers they...

Honey-Orange Chicken Buddha Bowl

Honey-Orange Chicken… in your Buddha Bowl We know Buddha Bowls have become very popular for their ease and healthy ingredients, and we also know they are usually vegetarian: a grain, a green, and a bean. BUT, do they have to be? We made ours in honor of national...

Machado Farm

Machado Farm can be found in San Joaquin County and encompasses 156 acres of land. Currently the farm produces a bounty of  fresh crops, including; walnuts, cherries, and peaches. This property has been protected by a conservation since 2015.

Espinoza Brothers Farm

Rows of colorful Freestone peaches line Espinoza Farm, located northwest of the city of Livingston in Merced County. After owning the property for four years, the Espinoza brothers decided to conserve their 78 acres of prime farmland through an agricultural...

Kneppel Farm

Knepple farm is a 166 acre property that can be found in Sacramento County. This property is currently home to lucious timothy grass and alfalfa. This property has been protected by a conservation easement since 2013.

Koehn Farm

Koehn Farm encompasses two properties located just south of Livingston in Merced County. Its prime soil supports rows of charming almond orchards. In June 2015, Koehn Farm was indefinitely protected by an agricultural conservation easement.

AKT Santa Nella

AKT Santa Nella Farm is a beautiful property located just south of Los Banos in Merced County. A sea of wheat grass and row crops line its 178 acres of prime farmland. In July 2014, this land was forever protected by an agricultural conservation easement.

Peaches – they’re a CA thang!

Delicious, nutritious and CA-grown! Peach pie, peach cobbler, peach smoothie, peach sherbet, canned peaches at lunch, a peach cup for snack, a fresh, juicy peach on a hot summer day… If you are eating peaches, rest assured – they are home-grown right here...

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